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Horizontal I.D. Honing of a Support Assembly for the Aerospace Industry

Support Assembly
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Support Assembly

At CT Hone, Inc., we are capable of honing intricate parts, requring innovative thinking, to reach challenging areas.  In the project highlighted here, we provided I.D. honing of a support assembly used by a customer in the aerospace industry.  The assembly is constructed of aluminum and measures 18" in length with an inside diameter of .375".

We were required to remove between .003"/.004" of material, while holding tolerances as tight as + .0005", and providing a material microfinish of 30.  Specialized procedures were set up to process these unique parts efficiently, while providing consistent results conforming to the specified tolerances.  Once developed, our qualified operators were able to process these parts very quickly.  A Federal Air Gage was used to verify conformance to all customer specifications.

We were chosen for this project as a result our reputation for successfully completing out of the box projects with a high degree of precision.  This is an excellent example of the challenges our customers trust us to overcome, in order to provide precision parts, used in a variety of advanced manufacturing applications.

To learn more about this I.D. honing project, please see the details below. For more information about our other services, please contact CT Hone, Inc.

Horizontal I.D. Honing Support Assembly Project Highlights

Product Name
I.D. Honing of a Support Assembly

Product Description
We had to hone 3 separate, in line holes, in this support assembly.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Horizontal I.D. Honing
Equipment Used to Hone Part
Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machines & Tooling
Overall Part Dimensions
I.D. of Hone Holes:
  • ID:  .375"
  • Length:   18"
  • Height:  4"
  • Width:  6"
Tightest Tolerances
+ .0005"

Material of Component

Maximum Material Finish
30 Microfinish

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
  • Dimensional inspection with Federal Air gage
  • Surface finish inspection with Bendix profilometer
Industry for Use

Standards Met
  • Customer supplied operation sheet
  • 2D CAD drawing & specifications