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Horizontal I.D. Honing of an Aluminum Bellcrank for the Aerospace Industry

Aluminum Bellcrank
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Aluminum Bellcrank

An aerospace customer approached CT Hone, Inc. to I.D. hone an AMS 4201 aluminum Bellcrank.  To hone the .900" thick, 5.975" long and 3.951" Bellcrank we used Sunnen honing machines & tooling.  While honing several holes in the Bellcrank, we achieved a tolerance of ± .0001" and true position of .007".  The I.D. of the final holes measured .8122", .7770" and .6872" and a microfinish of 32.

To learn more about this I.D. honing project, please see the details below.  For more information about our other services, please contact CT Hone, Inc.

Horizontal I.D. Honing Aluminum Bellcrank Project Highlights

Product Name
I.D. Honing of an Aluminum Bellcrank

Product Description
We had to hone several holes on this Bellcrank and achieve a tolerance of ± .0001".
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Horizontal I.D. Honing

Equipment Used to Hone Part
Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machines & Tooling
Overall Part Dimensions
I.D. of Honed Holes:
  • .6872"
  • .7770"
  • .8122"
  • Length: 5.975"
  • Height: 3.951"
  • Thickness: .900"
Tightest Tolerances
  • ± .0001"
  • True Position of .007"
Material of Component
AMS 4201 Aluminum

Maximum Material Finish
32 Microfinish

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
  • Dimensional inspection with Sunnen gages
  • Surface finish inspection with Bendix profilometer
Industry for Use

Standards Met
  • Customer supplied operation sheet
  • 2D CAD drawing & specifications